OFF COURSE - Young Contemporary Art Fair
/// April 21 - 24, 2016 /// 

PyeongChang Biennale 2015, Korea
// July 23 - September 22, 2015 ///

Abstruse Imagery, ArtChowk, Karachi, Pakistan /// August 13 - 30, 2013 ///

Abstruse Imagery, ArtChowk, Karachi, Pakistan 
/// August 13 - 30, 2013 /// 

For the jettisoned and the scattered – an exhibition and gestures
/// May 23 - June 21, 2013 /// 
The Warehouse Project / Gestures
/// May 23 - June 21, 2013 /// 
an accompaniment to the exhibition For the Jettisoned and the Scattered at SAS Geumcheon

The Warehouse Project, also known as Gestures, is conceptualized as a part of a larger curatorial undertaking titled For the Jettisoned and the Scattered, produced on the occasion of Seoul Art Space Geumcheon’s 4th Annual Open Studio. This two part project consists of an exhibition that explores the sociological contours of the city of Seoul and this more improvisational and process-based operation that homes in on the transitory experience of co-habiting a particular spot in Seoul: Geumcheon borough, Doksan neighbourhood, where SASG occupies a former factory converted into studios and an art production centre. SASG is surrounded by various light and heavy industries that are still in active operation. The warehouse space of SASG is a good illustration of the building’s past, and speaks to how such residency programs create a space of constant change, where people and things enter and leave, and become a repository of ephemeral gestures. 
With this in mind, I proposed to all the artists at SASG to contribute something to this project that indexes their practice, but point to our eventual dispersal. I asked for works that can be depleted, given or thrown away, or destroyed – something that the artists will not feel sorry to see disappear after the exhibition comes down. Nine artists responded with an eclectic variety: Eunu Lee, Hertog & Nadler, and Deniz Uster will be leaving the traces of their performance in the space; Monica Gallab and Suriya Gied will create an installation or a work with found and recycled materials; Jeamin Cha and KKHH will present work that will gradually disappear over the course of the exhibition; Shengen Lim and Geumcheon Mrs will leave fragments of their previous work in the warehouse. The shifting nature of this project – the deterioration and dispersion of the materials that occupy the space – will be recorded through a series of photographs that will be uploaded on this blog. This blog will be a virtual record of what remains. The things that we leave behind can perhaps anticipate what is still to come in this space of flux.
Liz Park, Project Curator


창고동 프로젝트(aka흔적)는 상위 기획인, 전시 <버려지고 흩어진 것에 아쉬워하는>의 일부분이다. 도시 안팎으로 이동하는 사람들 그리고 도시 안에 있는 사람들로 인해 드러나는 도시의 윤곽을 탐구 기획 전시와 함께 창고동 프로젝트는 국/내외 작가들의 일시적인 거주지인 금천예술공장과 금천구 독산동이라는 서울의 특정한 장소에 초점을 둔다. 
인쇄 공장에서 예술가를 위한 창작공간으로 변모한 금천예술공장 주변에는 여전히 다양한 중소공업공장들이 가동되고 있다. 금천예술공장의 창고동은 건물의 과거사를 보여주는 좋은 실례이자, 어떻게 사람과 물건이 드나들 곳으로 일시적인 제스처의 저장소가 되는지, 어떻게 지속적인 변화의 장이 되었는가를 말해준다. 나는 이러한 생각을 품고서, 모든 금천예술공장의입주 작가들에게 그들의 실천을 상징할 수 있으면서도 우리의 궁극적인 분산을 위한 무언가를기부해 달라고 제안했다. 기실 소실될 수 있고, 나누어질 수도 있고, 버려질 수도 있고, 또는파괴될 수 있는 작품, 전시 후 사라져도 섭섭하지 않은 작업이었으면 했다. 9명의 작가들은 내제안에 다양한 방식으로 응답해 주었다. 이은우, Chaja hertog& Nir nadler, 그리고 Deniz Uster는 창고동에서 그들의 퍼포먼스를 상연하고 그 흔적을 남길 것이며, Monica Gallab과Suriya Gied 는 금천에서 발견한 재활용 재료로 작업을 만들겠다고 했다. 차재민 그리고KKHH (강지윤+장근희)는 전시 기간 동안 점차 사라지는 작업을, Shengen Lim과 금천 미세스는 그들의 이전 작업에서 나온 부스러기들을 가져오겠다고 했다. 나는 각 작품에 대해 해명하기 보다는 이 프로젝트의 변화와 특성 그리고 쇠퇴와 분산의 과정을 강조하고 싶다. 

이 ‘흩어지는’ 과정은 블로그에 순차적으로 업로드 될 것이다. 남겨진 것들의 시각적 기록이되기를 기대하며, 이렇게 우리가 남긴 것들이 이 유동적인 공간에 무엇이 올 수 있을 지에 대한 가능성이 되길 바란다.

리즈 박, 프로젝트 큐레이터

Stack / 2013  
Printed business cards and plinth
photos by Nir Nadler

Monica Gallab collected thousands of excess business cards made for the residents of Seoul Art Space Geumcheon and built a free-standing tower of cards. Carrying outdated information, the cards become the building blocks of this precarious structure that may or may not fall down before the end of the exhibition.
/// MAY 23 - 26, 2013 /// 

Synchronicity for a better place / 2013
photos by Hertog & Nadler

Will you miss me when I am gone?

Will you miss me when I am gone?
/// July 6 - July 20, 2012 /// 


Recently arrived in South Korea, at the Gyeonggi Creation Center,
where I will be staying for the next three months, as part of their 2012
residency program.
0800-TIMON 2011 / Buenos Aires / Argentina

B-GALLERY 26.11>18.12.2010 / Brussels / Belgium

PRIX MEDIATINE 2009 / La Médiatine / Brussels / Belgium